Youth Council

Healthy Quaboag Youth Council

Youth Council

The Youth Advisory Council is in partnership with Quaboag Hills Substance Use Alliance and is composed of middle and high school students from the Quaboag Hills Region.

Healthy Quaboag and Quaboag Hills Substance Use Alliance work towards preventing underage substance use, increasing mental health and well-being of the community, addressing healthy food access and education surrounding food, and other health concerns including transportation, housing, financial health and well-being and more.

Priority Areas of Focus

Unite young adults and adolescents from the Quaboag Hills Region

Provide a larger outlet for student's voices to be heard within their schools and their communities regarding prevention-based work

Support the promotion of various prevention-based strategies in the community and in schools

Support our social media outlets with creative strategies/ideas to promote prevention-based work.

Engage more students and community members to join the youth coalition

Benefits of Being a Member to Our Youth Advisory Council

Meeting other students within the community that share similar interests  in the food system, and who are concerned about the overall health of their community and would like to improve it

Gaining community service experience and being a part of prevention based work

Working together with other students for a common cause and support health promotion

Student’s will be compensated for their efforts as part of the youth coalition

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