Food Policy Council

Food Policy Council

A Food Policy Council is a group of community members who come together to improve their local food system* through actions such as education, policy and connection. Anyone can take part in the Council and no prior knowledge required, just an interest in Quaboag Valley’s local food system!

*A food system is the collaboration of all steps involved in food creation including, production, processing, distribution, consumption, and waste management.

Community Food System

A community food system is a food system in which local farmers, community members, and consumers work together to form a more resilient and sustainable local food economy. Examples: Small local farmers, community gardens, food pantries, farmers’ markets, etc.

Local Farmers Markets

Interested in locally grown vegetables and locally made goods?

Check out the list of local farmers markets where you can find farmers, producers, and consumers that all keep our local food system strong and thriving.

Click the “Learn More” button below to see the local farmers markets in the Quaboag Valley.

Cooking Demonstrations

Join Healthy Quaboag and the SNAP-Education program out of Ascentria Care Alliance for culinary creations and to learn how to make recipes at home for your family!

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